Who Are We?

The Battle Continues Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit aimed to help veterans who have returned from war.

100% of your donation goes directly to veterans

What We Do

All of your donated dollars go to cut a check to injured veterans to cover medical costs as directed by the Board of Directors. Your donations are not used to cover administrative fees.

How You Can Help

Please consider giving a donation to our veteran fund. Any amount helps greatly…even as little as $5.

Why You Should Help

Veterans wrote a blank check on their lives when they went to war and risked not coming home to their families. Some never got to see their child be born because they were overseas protecting our freedom. The least we can do in return is help our fellow veteran with any financial burdens they may have upon return from combat by giving a monetary donation. Every dollar helps no matter how little it is.

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Dr. Bose helps to raise funds for veterans through his speaking engagements. To book Dr. Bose as a speaker
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